Developing your project be it a business or a film is challenging in itself which is why you should invest in having a fantastic support system.

A support system which helps your project, which is there to listen to your hopes and those fears, and someone who also knows exactly what you mean and is prepared to help you.

Your support system needs to have the ability to be honest, to be diplomatic and more importantly have the ability to view the problems your business faces through another perspective.

A graphic designer can be your support system, to be able to work their most efficiently your designer needs to know and understand the ins and outs of your project and the people your project wishes to reach be they viewers, investors or customers.

Your designer helps not only to sell your story but also to make it believable, to make it connect with your audience.

You need someone who also knows how important your business, your film project really is to you.

Who better to have on your team than someone who is already invested in the very same dreams as you, a graphic designer who has their own business, who works on film projects.

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