Often a major brand requires a sub-brand, propelling them into parent brand status. This was the case with the Nissan D&AD design brief a competition entry.

Here the brief requested the development of a sub brand to cover the green technologies of Nissan, whilst also promoting their green vehicles to newer drivers and those looking to upgrade their vehicle.

Within this project we have the development of a logo with sleek lines, relating directly to the smooth running of a car and the fluid movement of the air as it slides over the car.

Marketing efforts are surrounded by celebratory cards, congratulating the recipient with warm sentiments, introducing them to the brand.

Extending beyond we have the question and answers website where the key figures in the Nissan company can discuss with interested parties in an open forum their activities and the reasoning behind why they support green technologies and how they are being brought to the consumer market.

Additionally there are the sponsorship programs of events which Nissan can both attend and promote their products and technologies or support with funding.

In order to further help the consumer a helpful app for new owners of Nissan products to extend the living life of their vehicles through the advise of when to run a service, reminders when the MOT are due and additional helpful information.

This is a full marketing and branding exercise, based on not only informing the consumer but also helping the consumer and introducing them to new possibilities.

Are you looking to propel your parent brand with a sub brand for a segment of your business, get in contact today.