Self-catering holidays are popular, you’re free to explore at will, eat wherever, whenever and whatever you wish. From eating out to cooking your favourite holiday dish. Self-catering offers many benefits.

For holiday makers, self catering offers a chance for the owners to present their personality and provide little insights into the hidden gems off the tourist trail, those little places where a holiday truly comes to life.

Contained within this information pack in a handy just pop into your handbag size are pages relating to the history of the area which not only introduces them to the area but also provides the chance to pique their interest.

Additional pages related to the facilities of the site and the holiday home, whilst other pages provide hints on where to spend the day and what events are on in the area, along with a simplified map to give an idea as to how close local attractions and places are.

From the introduction of this holiday information pack this self catering holiday home saw an increase in repeat bookings, due to the extra value the owners had given the holiday makers.

Are you looking to provide extra value to your clients, an information pack can greatly help, get in touch today to start developing yours.