Booze SOS required a social media campaign, more importantly one which would grow organically helping the business develop.

Growing a company through social media organically is challenging, it can be done, the results are slower than sponsored posts and adverts contained within the sidebar, the advantage to growing organically is your connections are more invested in your business and more engaged.

With this in mind, we needed a cover picture and profile image which are immediately recognisable. Using the logo and the bubbles of a beer the profile picture ties in with the cover picture.

Using the logo over photographs of the owners also help the brand stand out within comment threads, also allowing for customers to know their questions and concerns are being answered.

Advertising images in the initial stages within a template format helps to create a more consistent brand, using minor changes to the background to add additional interest also helps to separate the different promotional posts.

Other posts related to providing entertainment, whilst others provided recipes using the products the company held, to not only further promote the products individually but also to encourage additional sales.

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