Graphic design for film

Graphic design for film

Working with your director, script writers, production designers, set decorators and prop masters, graphic designers for film develop that extra sense of realism to your project.

How do we do this?

We do this by creating brands which are just as familiar as a brand we see in everyday life, we create everything which surrounds that brand from the packaging to the advertising. We develop the signage, that reflects the time period of your film.

From developing hand written content in a newspaper one of your actors may be reading enabling you to have that creative cutaway or zoom in to the trembling hand as the actor reads about a crime they’ve committed or a mistake thats resulted in mass atrocities.

The graphic designer is the person behind the street signage guiding your audience to believe the film really is a part of the past, and helping your actors to stay in character.

We can create calendars, posters, adverts, business and street signage, maps, letters handwritten and typed, telegrams, classified folders, signing in sheets, magazine and newspaper layout and content, packaging, books, fake money, wall art, police files, proof of identity documentation and parcels among many more. Each on of these individual elements when combined can help your actors and your audience become immersed in the world and the story you have created.

Additional services also include design of your film posters for the conceptual stages of investment right through to distribution.

Using stock images, staged images and even stills from the film we can develop a film poster which sells the story without revealing everything about your film, creating that mysterious intrigue we all have to just want to find out a little bit more and to stand out on among the rows of film posters and covers on sites such as amazon, netflix and even your local supermarket.