taking your hobby to the next stage

You have a hobby, whatever it is for the sake of argument we’ll call it needle felting but in all honesty it can be anything, and you want to go from hobby needle felting to earning an income from needle felting. You’re products are beautiful, friends, family and even random visitors to your home compliment […]

advertising your brand

Brands, they are all about the buzz, being on point, being trendy and forward thinking. Some like to get up right to your face and scream out their arrival, whilst others just simply want you to find them. So as a brand how should you reach your target market? Advertise too harshly you face putting […]

Top 5 Logo Design Tips

Your logo says a lot about your business, typically it will be the first graphical representation of your company. So with that in mind here are my top five tips for a lasting quality logo that truly reflects your business.   Make your logo work in black and white as well as colour Why I […]